The Michael Measures Prize

In partnership with Canada Council for the Arts


The first prize winner will receive up to $25,000 and the opportunity to perform a concerto while on tour; the second prize winner will receive up to $15,000 as well as additional performance/recital opportunities during the session and on tour.


In order to be considered for the CCMM Prize applicants must,

  • Be a Canadian Citizen between the ages of 16 and 24, as of January 1, 2024.
  • Follow the standard application procedure for the NYO Canada, including submitting the video audition with Award of Excellence requirements in addition to the CCMM audition.
  • Submit all materials no later than February 1, 2024.
  • The winner(s) must be a member of the 2024 Orchestra, have successfully completed the NYO Canada’s training session/tour, and have abided by all NYO Canada policies, rules, and procedures.


  • A video recording of up to 20 to 30 minutes in total length of solo repertoire of contrasting styles and musical periods;
    • Upload your video recording following the Audition Instructions.
    • Video may be from multiple performances compiled into one video.
    • Title video as Application ID_Full Name.

The Following materials should be compiled into one document:

  • Copy of a birth certificate or proof of age.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship if not born in Canada.
  • A CV, a short biography and a recent photo.
  • A list of all teachers with whom you have studied for the past 2 years.
  • 2 letters of reference from music professionals.
  • Program of the repertoire you intend to perform for the final audition, should one be necessary.

All materials must be submitted via the Upload My Audition form.  An applicant will forfeit their eligibility if supporting materials are incomplete, submitted separately, or not received by the deadline. 

If necessary, a short list of candidates will be selected from the video auditions to participate in final auditions for the CCMM prize. In the event a second round of auditions is necessary, candidates must attend the finals, in person, to be held in Toronto (date to be announced). The final round consists of a 50-minute recital of varied repertoire, including some concerto repertoire of the student’s choosing for solo instrument. The jury reserves the right to interrupt any performance that goes beyond the prescribed limits.  Candidates must provide their own collaborative pianists for the recital; however, if you do not know a pianist in Toronto, the NYO Canada will provide a list of collaborative pianists available for the final recitals. Candidates are responsible for contacting the pianists.

NYO Canada reserves the right to not award the prize in any given year should there be no suitable candidate.

Past Winners


First Prize: Tiffany Yeung, Violin | violin (Richmond Hill, ON)
Second Prize: Thomas Roy-Rochette, Bassoon | basson (Québec City, QC)


First Prize: Robert Conquer, Trombone | Trombone (Scarborough, ON)
Second Prize: Arin Sarkissian, Flute | flûte (Toronto, ON)


First Prize: David Liam Roberts, Cello | violoncelliste (Winnipeg, MB)
Second Prize: Robert Conquer, Trombone | trombone (Scarborough, ON)


First Prize: Isabella Perron, Violin | violoniste (Montréal, Qc)
Second Prize: David Liam Roberts, Cello | violoncelliste (Winnipeg, MB)


First Prize: Matthew Christakos, Cellist | violoncelliste (Toronto, ON)
Second Prize: Alison Kim, Violinist | violoniste (Burnaby, BC)


First Prize: Martin Mangrum, French Horn | cor d’harmonie (Toronto, ON)
Second Prize: Jonathan Mak, Pianist | pianiste (Thornhill, ON)


Bryan Cheng, Cellist | violoncelliste (Gatineau, QC)


Daniel Hass, Cellist | violoncelliste (Toronto, ON)


Hugo lee, Oboist | hautboïste (Toronto, ON)


Antoine Malette-Chénier, Harpist | harpiste (Gatineau, QC)


Blake Pouliot, Violinist | violoniste (Toronto, ON)


Cameron Crozman, Cellist | violoncelliste (London, ON)


Bénédicte Lauzière, Violinist | violoniste (Montréal , QC)

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