The Michael Measures Prize

Awarded since 2011, the Michael Measures Prize, in partnership with the Canada Council of the Arts, grows to now award two students (previously one) of NYO Canada displaying extraordinary talent on their respective orchestral instrument. The first prize winner will receive up to $25,000 and the opportunity to perform a concerto while on tour; the second prize winner will receive up to $15,000 as well as additional performance/recital opportunities during session and on tour.

The NYO Canada Award of Excellence

NYO Canada will award ten orchestra members an Award of Excellence valued at $5,000. These awards are intended for the most advanced students who will most likely hold section leadership positions.

Stephen Sitarski Leadership Award

The Stephen Sitarski Leadership Award is awarded following the annual NYO Canada training session and tour. The prize winner demonstrates exceptional leadership abilities, character, and potential during the course of their NYO Canada experience

Brian G’froerer Memorial Horn Scholarship

In memory of his life and dedication to music education, along with support from friends and family, the Brian G’froerer Memorial Horn Scholarship honours his legacy and awards scholarships to young horn players with financial needs who have been accepted into NYO Canada.