NYO Canada is proud to present Play With The Masters, an innovative take on the masterclass concept, made possible with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  In our attempt to bring more musical education to a growing number of emerging orchestral musicians (some in remote locations), we embark on the second of a three year project to bring instructive and accessible short masterclass videos to any and all musicians who would like to learn from some of our world-renowned instructors. 

The short professionally filmed masterclasses, eventually available for all instruments, will concentrate on typical instrument audition excerpts, tips and tricks tailored to your audition circumstance, and alerts to common errors and mistakes. The masterclass reminds musicians that execution is key, but that execution should not occur at the expense of musicality and artistry.  


While not a replacement for in-person instruction, NYO Canada hopes these masterclasses are a teaching supplement, and a great way for future NYO Canada members to “meet” our faculty.  We hope to widen the scope and reach of Canada’s premiere orchestral finishing school through these exceptional tools. Don’t confine your knowledge to your own instrument, discover the challenges of your orchestral colleagues and help us evaluate the Masterclass Project by rating each video!