Ellis Yuen-Rapati

Viola – NYO Member: 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 – NS


Ellis Yuen-Rapati is a Toronto-based violist. He began his musical education on violin at age four under the guidance of Yvonne DeRoller. Through his studies at McGill University and various summer programs, including six years as a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, he has had the privilege of working with prominent musicians including Professor André Roy, Maestro Michael Francis, The Gryphon Trio, and Cho-Liang Lin.

Music has taken Yuen-Rapati all across Canada, from his hometown in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to up north in Iqaluit, Nunavut. He has also had the opportunity to play at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, Usher Hall in Edinburgh, and Ruínas do Carmo in Lisbon.

Yuen-Rapati is currently pursuing his artist diploma under the direction of Steven Dann at the Glenn Gould School of Music. When he does get some time away, he loves playing squash and treating himself to an occasional meal of sushi.

Favourite NYO memory

My favourite NYO memory came in 2017 during our Halifax concert. Coming back home to Nova Scotia is always special, and playing in the Rebecca Cohn auditorium brought back loads of nostalgia. Our final piece on the program was Strauss’ amazing Death and Transfiguration.  This is one of my favourite works from one of my most revered composers, and I was playing in a section with some of the best friends I have ever made. This amalgamation resulted in the most energy I have ever been able to put out during a performance. The concert as a whole was fantastic but playing through D&T in Halifax will be something I will never forget.

Advice for new NYO applicants

For anyone looking for advice on a first time application, I would say to just go for it!! Be sure to record in the best acoustic available to you, and be well prepared. Even by just applying, you are gaining valuable experience on the audition process. It is also a great goal to work towards because the NYO experience is rare and wonderful opportunity. It is a joy to play along side Canada’s youth from all over the country, and the amazing faculty provides everyone with a learning experience of the highest caliber. The program also offers an incredible tour, sometimes even featuring multiple countries. Performing, and living in a variety of amazing locations is a delight and yields some truly unforgettable moments. There is really nothing to lose by sending in an audition, and a spectacular summer awaits if you are accepted.

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