NYO Canada names Matonabee Paulette as 2022’s Visual Artist

NYO Canada is excited to announce Matonabee Paulette as NYO Canada’s Visual Artist for its 62nd season.

Headshot of Matonabee Paulette

Paulette is an imaginative and passionate outdoor photographer who has captured stunning displays of natural landscapes. Born and raised in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Matonabee grew up near Wood Buffalo National Park, where he developed an eye for the beauty and fragility of the land and wildlife. Through his works, he has created an exuberant and breathtaking display of the north with truthful interpretations of topography, peaks of dawn, and the northern lights.

After a search for Canadian talent, there was no doubt that Paulette’s images complement the sentiments of NYO Canada’s 2022 session. As we continue to work towards our first in-person session in two years, we reflect on our mission and spirit. NYO Canada has selected four of Paulette’s stunning images to represent our vision of discovery, learning, and hope.

Matonabee Paulette’s Gallery is on Facebook and Pictorem at Matonabee Paulette Photography or Instagram @mattygahjue01.

About Matonabee Paulette:

Matonabee Paulette is a self-taught photographer with a passion for nature, landscapes, and most recently, outdoor portrait photography utilizing natural light. He enjoys going for hikes in the wee hours of the morning to catch the perfect sunrise or braving the cold to capture the northern lights. His passion for photography started in 2014 when his wife gifted him his first camera, which led to the start of Matonabee Paulette Photography.

Matonabee was born and raised in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, where he and his wife continue to live and raise their two children, with a third on the way. Having grown up near Wood Buffalo National Park, his love of the outdoors grew tremendously with the freedom to hike throughout the Park and photograph the beautiful areas of Fort Smith and wild animals… if he was lucky!

When he is not busy with his family, his other hobbies include snowmobiling in the winter months or riding his dirt bike in the summer, watching Netflix with his wife, or enjoying a strong cup of coffee. Matonabee’s goal is to photograph the beauty of Fort Smith and surrounding areas through his lens for you to enjoy inside the comfort of your home and capture candid images of families to cherish for a lifetime.

For Matonabee Paulette:

Matonabee Paulette Photographer

Email – mattpaulettephotography@gmail.com

Phone – (867) 621-0799

Online – Facebook PageWebsitePictorem