Announcement Date: January 26, 2018


NYO Canada Special Announcement on "Canada Council for the Arts - Michael Measures Prize 2018"

NYO Canada is thrilled to announce that the Canada Council for The Arts has offered a second Michael Measures Prize of $15,000 for 2018 in addition to the existing $25,000 original first prize award.

The age limit for both of these two Michael Measures prize awards has also been extended to age 24 – All Canadian citizens between the ages of 16 and 24 (as of January 1st 2018) are eligible to apply.

To accommodate the changes to the age limit, NYO Canada has made the following change for application process:

1. CC-MM Prize application deadline is extended to February 7th, 2018, ONLY for applicants who are of the ages of 23 or 24 (as of January 1st, 2018) .

2. All other original requirements for CC-MM Prize application remain the same, except for anyone who has successfully completed a prior NYO Canada session and are of the ages of 23 or 24 (as of January 1st, 2018) can apply with solo video recordings only (without the orchestra excerpts).

3. Such change and extension of application deadline for CC-MM Prize applies to the current year of 2018 only.

IMPORTANT: For anyone who has already applied for the CC-MM Prize, all the original requirements remain, including the February 1st, 2018 deadline.

(NYO Canada reserves the right to not award the prize in any given year should there be no suitable candidate.)