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Faculty Spotlight: John Rudolph

Date: July 30, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

Instrument: Percussion  Hometown: Toronto, ON  Favourite cheese: smoked Gouda  John Rudolph started teaching percussion at NYO back in 2001, and in 2007 founded the “Molto Presto” running club. He himself started running back in the 70s, but it wasn’t until a student at NYO who initiated morning runs fell ill that Rudolph became involved in the club. Now, every fall after the NYO program finishes, he leads a team in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto to raise money for...

Where to Begin?

Date: July 24, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Miles Thomsen

Week five is almost over. We've been working together in various capacities for over a month, and now we've performed in the oldest hockey rink in the world(?) with another summer orchestra program featuring another 100 musicians from all over the western hemisphere, and had Chris Hadfield introduce a partial performance of The Planets. And then we filled the little city of Stratford with possibly the hugest 1812 Overture ever (no cannons though…) and just danced and jammed to Tico Tico for...

Which instruments fit which chess pieces?

Date: July 22, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

Steve Sitarski, the violin coach, challenged the orchestra members to come up with which instruments fit which chess pieces. The following analogies are courtesy of Hugo Lee (oboe), Jordan Miller (double bass), and Ryan Garbett (French horn).  Bishops: Double basses, because some monks in Belgium brew beer.  Pawns: Violins, because there are lots of them and no one really minds if one goes missing.  Knights: Oboes, because they end up flailing around the board and need help...

Getting Lucky

Date: July 17, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

At some point or other, every musician has to face the most dreaded part of their career: the Audition. Auditions are the way in which musicians apply for jobs, win coveted positions in a prestigious school or arts academy, or land sweet gigs. Sometimes they are very formal, with a multi-step process that involves both video and live performances; others can be as simple as playing for or jamming with a few other musicians in a basement studio to determine if you are ‘the right...

[Faculty Spotlight] Gregory Oh: “There’s more to life than potatoes and killing people”

Date: July 15, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

Instrument: Piano  Hometown: born in Stratford, ON; raised in London, ON Favourite cheese: fake nacho cheese Currently listening to: anything by Scott Walker; try Scott 1-4, Tilt, Bish Bosch Gregory Oh is a phenomenal pianist, undercover comic book fan, theatre artist, and overall stellar human being who lives by the beat of his own drum. I found a moment to chat with him at lunch (when he was in JUST as a serious mood as he is in this photo). Greg is one of those musicians who doesn’t...

Presenting… The Dvorak Squad [Gustav’s Concert Review]

Date: July 15, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

Hallo. This was my first time hearing a live performance of the Dvorak Piano Quintet No. 2. Yes, yes. Ahem. Tchaikovsky is reported to have said about this composition, “That piece is pretty dope, yo. That Czech dude knows how to write.” The Dvorak Squad consists of Gregory Lewis and Yuchen Dai (violins), Carolyn Farnand (viola),Roland Gjernes (cello), and Anna Wang (piano). Trevor Wilson was a guest star page turner. My first thought when I met them was, “Roland Human is...

Everybody Wants to Be a Formosa

Date: July 10, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Deanna Choi

Another faculty spotlight on the Formosa Quartet (Che-Yen Chen, Ru-Pei Yeh, Jasmine Lin, and Wayne Lee) post-performance: Established in 2002, the Formosa Quartet has a distinguished CV- its members hail from Curtis, Juilliard, and New England Conservatory, and have performed with orchestras around the world. But did you also know that Wayne Lee has a double life as a stand-up comedian, and that the quartet has developed special protective gear for their instruments against Martians? No,...

Josh Iverson's first two weeks!

Date: July 10, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Josh Iverson

Hello everyone! My name is Josh Iverson - I’m a 22 year old Albertan living in Montréal who’s still bubbling with excitement to have been chosen to be part of the clarinet section for NYO Canada 2015!  It’s my first time with the orchestra and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences with you through this blog, along with some of my lovely and talented friends and colleagues.  We have reached the end of our second week in Waterloo, Ontario, and are nearing the end of...

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