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Aaand we're back!

Date: June 29, 2016 Author: NYO Canada Categories: Miles Thomsen

Greetings and welcome to one of one hundred different perspectives on NYO Canada 2016! As a returning blogger I hope to provide some insight into the constants and the changes from year to year. If you're here for some more personal stuff, there's some of that too!   I just finished my B.Mus (Performance) at the University of Manitoba in my hometown of Winnipeg. This past year, my fifth (the "victory lap" as they say), was an odd one in that I had very few requirements left to complete...

Pre-Flight Entertainment

Date: August 5, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Miles Thomsen

Here we are: the Montreal airport, 12:30 PM on Tuesday, August 4th. It's been a riveting 13 days since Stratford and now I have some time to kill while waiting for our flight to Vancouver. And jeez, time has flown by. Getting on a plane will no doubt cause time to fly even more strangely as we adjust to the west coast time zone.Firstly: The Canadian National Brass Project, the first of its kind, took up residency at Laurier to work with the brass students in a combined Friday (24th) night...

Where to Begin?

Date: July 24, 2015 Author: NYO Canada Categories: 2015 | Miles Thomsen

Week five is almost over. We've been working together in various capacities for over a month, and now we've performed in the oldest hockey rink in the world(?) with another summer orchestra program featuring another 100 musicians from all over the western hemisphere, and had Chris Hadfield introduce a partial performance of The Planets. And then we filled the little city of Stratford with possibly the hugest 1812 Overture ever (no cannons though…) and just danced and jammed to Tico Tico for...

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