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Ron Cohen Mann, BC

North Vancouver , British Columbia , CANADA

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01. How old were you when you started playing your instrument?/ Quel âge aviez-vous quand vous avez commencé à jouer votre instrument ?

02. Why did you choose your instrument?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
I played flute in elementary school band when I first encountered the oboe's beautiful sounds. After my first year of high school my band teacher offered me a choice between oboe and French horn... and I almost picked horn!

03. Describe some of your professional goals./Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
I would love to play oboe and/or English horn in a major orchestra, teach privately, and pursue a solo and chamber career through competitions and frequent recitals.

04. What are your other interests and/or hobbies?/ Quels sont vos autres intérêts ou passe-temps?
I'm an avid photographer and I'm devoted to outreach in the LGBTQ community, particularly through grassroots education and community-building to help develop awareness and self-esteem in a marginalized group.

05. Do you write/arrange your own music?/ Êtes-vous compositeur ou arrangeur de votre propre musique ?

06. Who is your favourite classical musician?/ Quel est votre artiste (musicien) préféré ?
Inon Barnatan

07. What is your favourite piece of music?/ Quel est votre morceau préféré ?
Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit

08. What is your favourite concerto for your instrument?/ Quel est votre concerto préféré pour votre instrument?
Martinů - Oboe Concerto

09. For returning members: What is your fondest memory from a previous session and/or tour?/ Pour participants vétérans : Quels sont vos souvenirs préférés de la session ou tournée précédente de l’ONJC ?
The trip to India in 2013 was a unique experience that I could never forget. Musically, playing first oboe in Stravinsky's Pulcinella Suite was extremely gratifying.

10. What made you decide to pursue classical music?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi une formation en musique classique ?
In Grade 10 we had a 'job shadow' project where we chose someone to follow around for a day. I was studying with VSO principal oboist Roger Cole at the time and he brought me to a dress rehearsal where the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra was playing Stravinsky's Firebird Suite. I sat onstage with the oboe section - it was mind-blowing!

11. What do you think is the biggest challenge you face in your pursuit of a career in music?/ Quel est le plus grand obstacle à surmonter afin de poursuivre une carrière en musique ?
I feel that the major challenges are the small number of orchestral openings each year the continual decrease in government funding of the arts, and the high-stress environment of orchestral auditions.

12. Why did you choose to apply to NYO Canada?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de poser votre candidature pour NYO Canada?
I took part in NYO in 2011, followed by the trip to India in 2013. I couldn't wait to return!

13. How do you feel you will benefit from participation in NYO Canada?/ Comment bénéficierez-vous de votre participation dans le programme de NYO Canada?
I feel that NYO will improve my skills as an orchestral colleague, chamber musician and communicator.

14. Were you accepted to any other summer music programs this year?/ Avez-vous été accepté/e à tout autre programme musical estival cette année?

15. If you weren’t touring with the NYO Canada, what would you be doing during the summer?/ Si vous n’étiez pas en tournée avec NYO Canada, que feriez-vous cet été?
At the start of the summer I'll be in Texas competing the Houston Symphony's Ima Hogg Competition, followed by a tour to the Baltics with Yale Schola Cantorum, and a week-long vacation with my friend Mindy! I imagine that if this were not followed by NYO, I would extend my vacation in Europe and return to participate in a different musical opportunity.

16. What was the proudest moment of your music career thus far?/ Jusqu’ici, quel est le moment de votre carrière musicale qui vous a apporté le plus de fierté?
Performing my Carnegie Hall Weill debut with my harp-diva duo partner, Noël Wan, in April.

17. What scholarships, if any, have you been awarded in the past year?/ Quelles bourses, le cas échéant, avez-vous remporté au cours de la dernière année?
George Knight Houpt Fellowship at the Yale School of Music

18. What awards, if any, have you won in the past year?/ Quels prix, le cas échéant, avez-vous remporté au cours de la dernière année?
Ben Steinberg Musical Legacy Award, Yale Chamber Music Competition