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Florence Rousseau, QC

Montreal , CANADA

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01. How old were you when you started playing your instrument?/ Quel âge aviez-vous quand vous avez commencé à jouer votre instrument ?

02. Why did you choose your instrument?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
The brass teacher at my school offered it to my two best friends and I.. we accepted just so we would get to sit together!

03. Describe some of your professional goals./Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
I hope to have a position in a major orchestra.

04. What are your other interests and/or hobbies?/ Quels sont vos autres intérêts ou passe-temps?
I like reading and drawing most, and I adore playing the piano. There's always something to get better at!

05. Do you write/arrange your own music?/ Êtes-vous compositeur ou arrangeur de votre propre musique ?
I find it very fun to arrange music and I should do more of it.

06. Who is your favourite classical musician?/ Quel est votre artiste (musicien) préféré ?

07. What is your favourite piece of music?/ Quel est votre morceau préféré ?
This is way too tricky.

08. What is your favourite concerto for your instrument?/ Quel est votre concerto préféré pour votre instrument?
I'm not a huge fan of solo horn repertoire, though I guess I enjoy playing Mozart's 4th horn concerto the most.

10. What made you decide to pursue classical music?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi une formation en musique classique ?
I realized in my last year of high school that I wouldn't get to play the horn ever again when I graduated, and even if I didn't take the instrument very seriously it made me quite sad. I decided to apply to music in cegep just so I would get to own a horn of my own. Once I got there, a friend had asked me to join his youth orchestra - opening my world to symphonic music. I've loved it ever since.

11. What do you think is the biggest challenge you face in your pursuit of a career in music?/ Quel est le plus grand obstacle à surmonter afin de poursuivre une carrière en musique ?
Other than the obvious learning how to have an excellent calibre of musicianship and technical proficiency on horn, I feel like the transition from student to professional will be an interesting development to tackle.

12. Why did you choose to apply to NYO Canada?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de poser votre candidature pour NYO Canada?
Taz told me to.

13. How do you feel you will benefit from participation in NYO Canada?/ Comment bénéficierez-vous de votre participation dans le programme de NYO Canada?
I am convinced that having the opportunity to learn from NYOC's brilliant coaches and playing with dedicated musicians across Canada will be of utmost value towards my orchestral career.

14. Were you accepted to any other summer music programs this year?/ Avez-vous été accepté/e à tout autre programme musical estival cette année?

15. If you weren’t touring with the NYO Canada, what would you be doing during the summer?/ Si vous n’étiez pas en tournée avec NYO Canada, que feriez-vous cet été?
Definitely practicing.

16. What was the proudest moment of your music career thus far?/ Jusqu’ici, quel est le moment de votre carrière musicale qui vous a apporté le plus de fierté?
Probably getting my acceptance letter to start my undergraduate degree at the Royal College of Music.

17. What scholarships, if any, have you been awarded in the past year?/ Quelles bourses, le cas échéant, avez-vous remporté au cours de la dernière année?
RCM Scholar supported by a Michael Quinn Award.