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Toronto , Ontario , CANADA

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01. How old were you when you started playing your instrument?/ Quel âge aviez-vous quand vous avez commencé à jouer votre instrument ?

02. Why did you choose your instrument?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
Since I was only four when I started playing the cello, it was actually my mom who chose the instrument for me. She always wanted to play it herself, so she thought my playing the cello was the next best thing. As I got older, she asked me several times if I wanted to study a different instrument instead, but I told her no. There was no other instrument that I liked the sound of better.

03. Describe some of your professional goals./Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
I’m off in the fall to start a Bachelor of Music in cello performance at the New England Conservatory in Boston, and then after that, I’m hoping to get a Masters in music, as well – maybe at Cleveland Institute of Music, where you can get a degree in cello performance and Suzuki pedagogy at the same time. Primarily, I would like to earn a living playing in a really great orchestra somewhere, and it would be great to teach Suzuki cello, as well.

04. What are your other interests and/or hobbies?/ Quels sont vos autres intérêts ou passe-temps?
I used to play a lot of soccer, and still really enjoy playing and watching (especially anything to do with David Beckham!). I also love photography – mostly portrait photography – but really, what could be more interesting than music?!?!

05. Do you write/arrange your own music?/ Êtes-vous compositeur ou arrangeur de votre propre musique ?

06. Who is your favourite classical musician?/ Quel est votre artiste (musicien) préféré ?
Dead: Mstislav Rostropovich / Alive: Itzhak Perlman

07. What is your favourite piece of music?/ Quel est votre morceau préféré ?
Debussy’s “Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune”

08. What is your favourite concerto for your instrument?/ Quel est votre concerto préféré pour votre instrument?
Antonín Dvořák’s Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104

09. For returning members: What is your fondest memory from a previous session and/or tour?/ Pour participants vétérans : Quels sont vos souvenirs préférés de la session ou tournée précédente de l’ONJC ?

10. What made you decide to pursue classical music?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi une formation en musique classique ?
When I was younger, I had thought that I wanted to go into law, but when I really tried to picture myself being anything other than a cellist in a great orchestra, I just couldn’t!

11. What do you think is the biggest challenge you face in your pursuit of a career in music?/ Quel est le plus grand obstacle à surmonter afin de poursuivre une carrière en musique ?
Like anyone going into an arts career, the biggest challenge is probably being able to make a sufficient living purely from your chosen art form. Parallel to that is probably getting the kind of work that you’d really like (in my case, a job in a top-notch orchestra), as opposed to having to take any music gig offer that comes along.

12. Why did you choose to apply to NYO Canada?/ Pourquoi avez-vous choisi de poser votre candidature pour NYO Canada?
There's nothing much better that I like than being in an orchestra, and what better summer Canadian youth orchestra is there to be in than the NYOC?!?!?!?

13. How do you feel you will benefit from participation in NYO Canada?/ Comment bénéficierez-vous de votre participation dans le programme de NYO Canada?
I’ll get to meet new people, make personal and professional connections, visit new places, perform in a bunch of beautiful concert spaces, play great repertoire (both chamber and orchestral) and be part of a high-level youth orchestra. Oh yes, and have lots of fun!

14. Were you accepted to any other summer music programs this year?/ Avez-vous été accepté/e à tout autre programme musical estival cette année?
I didn’t apply anywhere else because I really wanted to play in the NYOC. It was my top choice for the summer, so I was very happy to be accepted. Should I have not been accepted, there were other programs that I would have applied to.

15. If you weren’t touring with the NYO Canada, what would you be doing during the summer?/ Si vous n’étiez pas en tournée avec NYO Canada, que feriez-vous cet été?
I specifically wanted to do an orchestra program, and I had other ones in mind to apply to, but if none of them worked out, I would have applied to other regular music programs that had orchestra as a part of the training.

16. What was the proudest moment of your music career thus far?/ Jusqu’ici, quel est le moment de votre carrière musicale qui vous a apporté le plus de fierté?
There have been lots of great moments, but my top three right now are: 1) getting accepted to all seven universities I auditioned for for this coming fall (and especially into the New England Conservatory), 2) playing in the back-up orchestra for 2Cellos in Koerner Hall, and 3) meeting Yo-Yo Ma.

17. What scholarships, if any, have you been awarded in the past year?/ Quelles bourses, le cas échéant, avez-vous remporté au cours de la dernière année?
Large four-year tuition scholarships offered from all seven universities auditioned for; Lloyd Carr-Harris String Scholarship, Schulich School of Music, McGill University ($10,000 annually); The Taylor Award, The Phil and Eli Taylor Academy, Royal Conservatory of Music ($10,000/full tuition); Orford Arts Centre, Summer Masterclass Program Award ($300)

18. What awards, if any, have you won in the past year?/ Quels prix, le cas échéant, avez-vous remporté au cours de la dernière année?
Esther Gartner Memorial Award, Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra ($720); • Toronto Sinfonietta Orchestra Concerto Competition, 1st Place Winner, Cello