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How old were you when you started playing your instrument? / Quel âge aviez-vous quand vous avez commencé à jouer votre instrument ?

Why did you choose your instrument / Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
I started playing the flute with the Vancouver Academy of Music's Suzuki Flute Program. I was so little I think I picked the flute because it sparkled in the light and had a sweet silvery sound. I was transfixed! My mother was a huge support in this early stage (as all our parents have been I'm sure!).

What are your professional goals? / Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
I aspire to be a professional orchestral musician dedicated music teacher and creative advocate for community concert programming.

What made you decide to pursue classical music? / Pourquoi avez-vous choisi une formation en musique classique ?
My high school teacher Brenda Fedoruk was a great inspiration for me to pursue music professionally. I admired her constant fervor and dedication to her students and performing career. Brenda's life seemed so generous and glamorous-- rushing off to Vancouver Opera performances after pouring her heart out to teaching most afternoons. No doubt her life was busy but it was filled with passion and love. I wanted to emulate her. She encouraged me to play with Vancouver's Youth Symphony Orchestra an experience that hooked me to orchestral performing thereafter. I knew that was the life for me!

What is the biggest challenge you face in your pursuit of a career in music? / Quel est le plus grand obstacle à surmonter afin de poursuivre une carrière en musique ?
I think the biggest challenge I face in the pursuit of my career is to maintain a goal oriented focused mindset for continued growth and success throughout the years ahead. I believe that artists are lifelong learners who never stop perfecting their craft. When I have moments of insecurity or self doubt (don't we all?) I like to imagine where I see myself in ten years. I hope this outlook will fill my career's future with dedication and passion.

How do you feel you will benefit from participation in NYO Canada? / Comment pensez-vous que votre participation à NYO Canada puisse vous aider?
The NYOC is one of the premier training grounds for young orchestral musicians today. As a Canadian who has studied at a Canadian university I have been encouraged to audition for the National Youth Orchestra for many years. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and to dive head on into the rigorous summer that lies ahead! I have only heard of young musicians returning from summers at NYO with polished techniques skills and broadened world views. I know the challenges that lie ahead will help me become a better flutist than I am today.

Do you write or arrange your own music? / Êtes-vous compositeur ou arrangeur de votre propre musique ?
Writing music is not a pastime of mine but I occasionally improvise with folk bands for fun.

Do you participate in any other performing or creative arts?/ Êtes-vous artiste dans un autre milieu que la musique (théâtre, arts visuels, etc.) ?
I am a food blogger on the side! If you'd like to check out my latest bakes visit my blog !

What are your interests outside classical music / Avez-vous d’autres intérêts à part la musique classique ?
I love the outdoors and escape outside as much as I can. Some of my favourite activities are hiking in the beautiful BC mountains kayaking around Vancouver's Gulf Islands in the summer time and biking along Vancouver's cherry blossom lined streets in the spring.

Who is your favourite classical musician? / Quel est votre artiste (classique) préféré ?
Right now I am enjoying the music of baroque flutist Alexis Kossenko.

Who is your favourite non-classical musician? / Quel est votre artiste (non classique) préféré ?
The woodsy down to earth Vancouver band Jon & Roy are just the best.

What is your favourite piece of music? / Quel est votre morceau préféré ?
Hard to answer but I love Mahler's Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor especially movement IV.

What has recently played on your Mp3? / Qu’écoutez-vous ces jours-ci sur votre Mp3?
My friend Lydia Hol's beautiful EP

If you weren't touring with NYO Canada what would you be doing with your summer? / Si vous ne faisiez pas partie de NYO Canada que feriez-vous cet été?
I would have been at Banff! I am looking forward to going further east in Canada however with the NYOC instead. Maybe another time I will have the opportunty to visit that stunning Albertan town.

What is there about you that you think people might be surprised to know? / Y a-t-il quelque chose à votre propos qui est un peu surprenant ou hors de l’ordinaire?
I have an identical twin sister named Shannon who is an Occupational Therapist.

What advice would you give young artists just starting out? / Quel conseil donneriez-vous aux jeunes artistes qui viennent de commencer?
If you love it pour your heart into it and one day you will reach your dream. Cliché but I believe it!