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Lindsay Roberts

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Hometown / ville
Edmonton, Alberta

Age / âge


Why did you choose your instrument / Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
I started out playing the flute, but my mom is a flutist with the Edmonton Symphony, and having two flutist in the family soon proved to be difficult. I quickly switched to oboe, and loved being the only one in the school bands.

What are your professional goals? / Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
Most of all I would love to have an orchestral job, but I also very much enjoy playing chamber music and will always continue to do both.

What are your interests outside classical music / Avez-vous d’autres intérêts à part la musique classique ?
Outside of music, I'm an outdoors woman. I love to travel, camp, bike and hike. I also am pursuing further studies in ethnomusicology.

Who is your favourite classical musician? / Quel est votre artiste (classique) préféré ?

What has recently played on your Mp3? / Qu’écoutez-vous ces jours-ci sur votre Mp3?
The repertoire from my final recital on repeat.

What is there about you that you think people might be surprised to know? / Y a-t-il quelque chose à votre propos qui est un peu surprenant ou hors de l’ordinaire?
I would really like to learn how to play the Banjo.