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Julie Rochus

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Hometown / ville
Aylmer, Ontario

Age / âge

French Horn

Why did you choose your instrument / Pourquoi avez-vous choisi cet instrument ?
I had originally chosen the trumpet at the beginning of my Grade 7 school year, and chose the French horn nine months later because my teacher needed someone to play it and nobody else played it, so by choosing the horn I was being different and I liked that. I continued to play both trumpet and horn until Grade 11 when I decided to devote myself only to horn.

What are your professional goals? / Décrivez quelques-unes de vos ambitions professionnelles.
I am on the track to performing in a professional orchestra. Since beginning school at the Royal Conservatory, I have found that I enjoy the administrative aspect of music as well. But ultimately, I am going to win a job in an orchestra.

What are your interests outside classical music / Avez-vous d’autres intérêts à part la musique classique ?
Since moving to Toronto in September, one of my favourite pastimes has been jumping on the subway or streetcar and riding it to a neighbourhood that I haven't been to before like Chinatown, Little Italy, Greek town on the Danforth, etc. Apart from bein

Who is your favourite classical musician? / Quel est votre artiste (classique) préféré ?
I have so many favourite classical artists, each with different styles and interpretations that I cannot possibly have one favourite.

What has recently played on your Mp3? / Qu’écoutez-vous ces jours-ci sur votre Mp3?
Radio Lab," a podcast presented by WNYC. I love talk radio. Some of my other favourite podcasts are "Deconstructing Dinner" (Kootney Co-op Radio), "This American Life," "Canadian Voices," "Vinyl Cafe," (CBC), "The Moth," and "PRI Selected Shorts." They're all really good. I would suggest listening to them!"

What is there about you that you think people might be surprised to know? / Y a-t-il quelque chose à votre propos qui est un peu surprenant ou hors de l’ordinaire?
I come from a family of five children-I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. We live on a small hobby farm near Aylmer, ON and raise free range chickens and ducks as pets, never to eat. I like to think of it as a sanctuary for chickens and ducks.