1960 August

Preliminary Session - first pilot of the National Youth Orchestra

Taken from the 1960 program:

"The Stratford Symphony Work Shop last summer was used in part as a preliminary session to launch the National Youth Orchestra Association of Canada. This achieved such an outstanding artistic success that the formation of a National Youth Orchestra was warranted."

The members of this preliminary orchestra formed the first prototype orchestra for what would later be known as the  National Youth Orchestra Canada. 

As stated in the first media release in 1960, the aim of the newly formed National Youth Orchestra association was "to teach young musicians to play in a symphony orchestra under professional conditions; thus assuring a constant supply of first class musicians to improve the standard of our symphony orchestras." 

Director of Music: Walter Susskind

Instrument First Name Last Name (Married Name) Province
Violin, piano Karen Barker-Ferron ON
Violin, piano Joan Barrett ON
Violin William Baxter ON
Violin, piano Elaine Black ON
Violin Grace Borrow ON
Violin, piano, bass Judy Briggs ON
Violin Anthony Clarke ON
Violin David Crerar ON
Violin Arlene Culbert ON
Violin Ronald Dolynchuk MB
Violin Dorothy Eaton ON
Violin, piano Margaret Fawcett NB
Violin, piano Shirley Fry ON
Violin Joyce Gundy ON
Violin Mary Hrobelsky (Kozak) ON
Violin Margaret Jamieson ON
Violin Metro Kozak ON
Violin Warwick Lister NB
Violin, Clarinet Gordon Mehling AB
Violin Vera Newman ON
Violin Leona Oraschuk ON
Violin, Piano, French Horn Patricia Perrin (Krueger) ON
Violin Joan Prudom ON
Violin Ann Rizabegovic ON
Violin Tania Rudensky (MacNeil) ON
Violin Vera Tarnowsky (Simonelli) ON
Violin Arthur Tucker QC
Violin Annette Wegiel ON
Violin Rosalie Zelonka ON
Viola Madelein Bard QC
Viola, piano Robin Benson ON
Viola, violin Debby Ferris ON
Viola Norma Harries QC
Viola, piano, oboe Susan Holbrooke ON
Viola Baird Knechtel ON
Viola Jane McAdam (Callahan) ON
Viola, violin Janet Sankey ON
Cello Grant Cameron AB
Cello David Dahlstrom BC
Cello William Findlay ON
Cello, double bass Carole Marshall ON
Cello Michael Rini ON
Cello Grace Sankey ON
Cello, piano Kathleen Walton ON
Double Bass Elizabeth Wallace ON
Flute Averil Arnason SK
Flute, piano Mary-Louise Jensen BC
Flute Marjorie Thompson ON
Oboe Marilyn Fry (Campbell) ON
Oboe Jim Lorimer MB
Oboe Harper Pettypiece ON
Oboe, piano Paul Plumb ON
Oboe, piano Thomas Schweitzer ON
Clarinet William Mather ON
Clarinet Barry Moncur BC
Bassoon, piano James McKay ON
Bassoon Joyce Reiner ON
French Horn John Heidebrecht ON
French Horn Peter Macdonald ON
French Horn Robert Macdonald ON
French Horn Douglas Mewhort ON
French Horn, alto horn Daniel Richardson ON
Trumpet Steven Pettes ON
Trumpet William Phillips ON
Trumpet Frances Rowlin MB
Trumpet Sylvia Schaaf ON
Trombone Stefanie Arnason SK
Trombone Harvey Rorke ON
Tuba, Double Bass Arthur Lang ON
Percussion Charles Bell ON
Percussion Alfred Kunz ON
Piano Gail Cooper ON
Piano Carolle-Ann Craigie ON
Piano Elizabeth Keenan AB
Piano Gordana Lazarevich ON
Piano John McIntrye ON
Piano Arthur Ozolins ON
Piano John Peech NY
Piano Cornelis Rodert ON
Piano Claire Snoulten ON
Piano Florence Steinhauer ON