1960 December - First Session

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Director of Music: Walter Susskind

Dr. Wilfrid Pelletier and Victor Feldbrill 


Teaching Faculty:

strings Oscar Shumsky
woodwinds Ezra Schabas
brass George Yardley
percussion     Thomas J. Burry
theory Prof. John J. Weinzweig


Euryanthe Overture   Weber
Symphony No.5 Beethoven
Prelude for Orchestra  Jean Vallerand
D Major Flute Concerto  Mozart
Prelude, Die Miestersinger    Wagner


Instrument First Name Last Name (Married Name) Province
Violin Adele Armin ON
Violin Otto Armin ON
Violin William Baxter ON
Violin Grace Borrow ON
Violin Judy Briggs ON
Violin Neil Clarke SK
Violin David Crerar ON
Violin Ronald Dolynchuk MB
Violin Margaret Fawcett NB
Violin Peter Giles NS
Violin John Graham MB
Violin Marie-Paule Hudon QC
Violin Tom Hutchinson ON
Violin Christopher Kitts ON
Violin Richard Knill ON
Violin Metro Kozak ON
Violin Warwick Lister NB
Violin Gunther Loffelmann ON
Violin Eleanore London MB
Violin Rennie London MB
Violin Elisabeth MacClement ON
Violin Charlotte Marcus ON
Violin Wayne McCracken ON
Violin Robert McKaskell NS
Violin Charles Millstone ON
Violin Leona Oraschuk ON
Violin Carole Paintin (Dence) MB
Violin Peter Paroby ON
Violin Eric Reznick QC
Violin Peggy Ryan ON
Violin Nina Saunders ON
Violin Diane Scott ON
Violin Philip Sellars ON
Violin Robert Skelton ON
Violin Marilyn Slipetz MB
Violin Stephanie Smith ON
Violin Urve Soopere ON
Violin Laurel Thompson ON
Violin James Weppler ON
Violin Donald Whyte SK
Violin Donald Wilson MB
Violin Jack Wise QC
Viola Diane Allen ON
Viola Paul Armin ON
Viola Madelein Bard QC
Viola Robin Benson ON
Viola Norma Farkas ON
Viola Debby Ferris ON
Viola Susan Holbrooke ON
Viola Judy Marshall MB
Viola Janet Sankey ON
Viola John St. Amand ON
Viola Douglas Walker QC
Cello Richard Armin ON
Cello Bonita Bray ON
Cello Grant Cameron AB
Cello Roberta Cowie (Clarke) ON
Cello Douglas England ON
Cello William Findlay ON
Cello Carole Marshall ON
Cello Daniel Mason ON
Cello Peter Mendell QC
Cello Lon Rosen ON
Cello Marcel Saint-Cyr QC
Cello John Seaton ON
Cello Marilyn Smith QC
Double Bass Bruce Bellingham ON
Double Bass Georgina Clements ON
Double Bass John Dyer SK
Double Bass Jane McAdam (Callahan) ON
Double Bass Richard Stultz NS
Double Bass Alexander Tilley QC
Double Bass Michael Walsh ON
Piccolo Jerry Nichols ON
Flute Averil Arnason SK
Flute Jadzia Michalska ON
Flute Roy Piovesana ON
Flute Margaret Ready ON
Flute Ann Sandford QC
Flute Sandra Shaw NB
Flute Jean Verch ON
Oboe Louis Coté QC
Oboe, English Horn Michael Crosbie ON
Oboe Paul Ennis ON
Oboe Donald Evans QC
Oboe Frank Morphy ON
Oboe Peter Smith ON
Clarinet Murray Colosimo ON
Clarinet Wilfrand Guillemette QC
Clarinet William Krangle ON
Clarinet Sharon Kyte NS
Clarinet William Mather ON
Clarinet Harold McCarthy ON
Clarinet Helena Sandler QC
Bassoon Nancy Cable ON
Bassoon Robert Head ON
Bassoon Douglas Hopp ON
Bassoon Andre Mailloux QC
Bassoon James McKay ON
French Horn Louise Bellehumeur-Poirier ON
French Horn Alastair Hay ON
French Horn Carol Hessin ON
French Horn Robert Macdonald ON
French Horn Douglas Mewhort ON
French Horn David Watson MB
Trumpet Gwyn Beynon ON
Trumpet Brian Nichol ON
Trumpet William Phillips ON
Trumpet Michel Rainville ON
Trumpet Frances Rowlin MB
Trumpet Robert Ryckman MB
Trumpet John Swan ON
Trombone Stefanie Arnason SK
Trombone Lawrence Beer ON
Trombone David Blacker AB
Trombone Richard Landry QC
Trombone Mati Sulev ON
Tuba Eilene Heino ON
Percussion Barry Simmons ON
Percussion Stephen Stren ON
Percussion Robert Zsadanyi ON
Harp Erica Goodman ON