About Matthew Plexman

Photographer Matthew Plexman has surrendered to the pull of the Canadian landscape, seeking wilderness and wide open spaces to build his body of work in oversized panoramics.

As a master photographer, Plexman has been working with medium and large format photography for 30 years. With his partner he owns a studio in Toronto set up as a flexible space for full service photography production, but also as an event space and art gallery.

Plexman attended Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Photographic Arts Department 1976-1980, graduating in 1980 with Bachelor of Applied Arts in Photography.

For more information on Matthew and his work, visit his official website.

About The Artwork

The images are all panoramics of 180 degrees or more. Standing close, the width of the image fills the viewer’s peripheral vision and places them in the landscape forcing them to view what is presented with the whole of their visual field, just as if they were standing at the side of the road or on the trail. The lush, large prints push the viewer back to consider dimension and scale, then pull the viewer in close to examine and explore the infinite detail in sharp focus- foreground and background.

This series of images are from my various travels to some of Canada’s more rugged areas. They build upon and continue my series "PERIPHERAL VISION - AT THE EDGE OF CANADA". Other images in this body of work are panoramic landscapes from the Dempster Highway in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, Ontario and British Columbia.

Edges of Canada Artwork

Cathedral Grove (Vancouver Island)

Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland)

Horse Thief Canyon (Drumheller)

Massassauga Provincial Park (Ontario)

Seed Sheds (Airdrie, AB)

Cloudburst (Yukon)