To celebrate the upcoming Edges of Canada tour being one of only forty Canada 150 Signature Projects, NYO Canada is proud to announce the creation of the Canada 150 Commemorative Award. Only available this year, the Canada 150 Commemorative Award is a $10,000 prize that will be awarded to a member of the 2017 orchestra.

The recipient will be selected by a jury comprised of members of the 2017 Faculty, with the winner being presented with the award at a concert during the 2017 Edges of Canada tour (the winner will be notified following the jury’s deliberations in late February). In order to be eligible for the Canada 150 Commemorative Award, the winner must be a member of the 2017 orchestra, have successfully completed the NYO Canada’s training session/tour, and have abided by all NYO Canada policies, rules and procedures. There is no age limit or special performance criteria required in order to be considered. Selection criteria for the Canada 150 Commemorative Award will be the same as the Awards of Excellence.

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